Why Comcast is Re-Branding With XFINITY?

Why Comcast is Re-Branding With XFINITY?

In this analysis and opinion piece, lets have a look at Comcast in addition to their new brand called XFINITY, the key reason why it can be needed, and whether it will succeed.

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Suddenly, new levels of competition are changing the surroundings for Comcast. They are some of those companies that is spending so much time to re-invent their relationship with all the customer. So far it's got not worked, so as a next step they're re-branding the business.

They hope if they affect the name as well as the brand that buyers will ignore the problems. The aim is proper, even so the plan's not.

The company will probably be called XFINITY. Nevertheless they haven't yet fixed the things which hurt the Comcast name. I really think the new name won't work the way they want.

Comcast along with their relationship using the customer have already been hitting sour notes for several years. With competition building, they've been attempting to repair their image.

Because the company endeavors to reinvent itself with it's warm-hearted advertising, and improving their customer satisfaction with the addition of more operators, should you ask absolutely free themes, most of the time the issue is not fixed yet.

Because there has become little target the customer over time, set up company reverses itself completely now, it will still be many years before the customers recognizes the change. This happened with Sprint from the 1990's. Sprint fixed their customer satisfaction problems, but didn't benefit for several years if the customer finally caught on.

The Comcast concern is people say another thing and do another with the customer.

One example may be the recent shift to a digital network. Currently Comcast has two types of services. An example may be the digital network and has a converter box, and the other features a more affordable basic analog cable service.

Comcast has suddenly started to force its customers with the basic analog intend to switch the signal from their basic digital service. That small change in the name will not give a good representation of the problems the customers having cope with.

Area by area, Comcast is transforming their network to digital. I hear from reporters everywhere searching for comments about this story because it rolls to their town.

The marketing rule Comcast is breaking are these claims. Otherwise happy customers that like to complete nothing will lose channels. Customers will be able to opt from the changes whilst their existing service. No less than for a transition period.

Instead these customers will drop from almost 100 channels to 20 something channels. Whenever they wanted the channels that they had before they have to spend more every month and rent a converter box for each and every television.

The down sides with forcing absolutely free themes to produce this change so quickly are lots of. This goes up against the rules to build good relationships. One of many big difficulties for Comcast may be the hit on his or her brand. Upset customers remember.

For starters there's no quick channel surfing. Changing channels was instantaneous. Now it will take an additional approximately between channels. That spoils the thrill for a lot of. Popular around the brand.

Second it costs more. Customers ought to acquire these converter boxes to make the additional channels work. They have to pay Comcast, per box, or per TV, every month. Many chose to not have digital because they did not have room for or didn't want the converter boxes. That's a problem customers are in possession of to cope with. Another hit about the brand.

Third, simply because they must pay because of these boxes monthly, customers only get boxes for the televisions they watch often. They just don't buy boxes to the more infrequently used sets. On those customers can't watch every one of the channels. One example is at a guest room. Seldom used, however, if someone is at there they are able to no more view television just like before. Customers are now handicapped with simply a few channels. Another hit about the brand.

Fourth will be the long lines beyond Comcast stores with very upset customers waiting to lease converter boxes to allow them to get back to where they were. I ended by several times to schedule an appointment customers. The lines were so long, and lasted two months and also the customers were very upset. Another hit on the brand.

Fifth could be the expertise of the signal. Customers had quality problems now and then, though this new digital network these complaints are most often a lot more numerous and much more. Another hit on the brand.

The advantages of this digital system are some extra channels and quality picture, but to let you know reality the photo was fine before also. Many customers think this modification is not worth every penny, yet they're expected to make it and incur extra costs, and never have service on all of their TV's.

In addition this modification was forced on customers, if they need it or not. Comcast broke a key marketing rule. Don't force visitors to change. Offer something new and allow them to choose. Allow the customer be in charge. When you have to make a change, introduce a transition amount of per year or two to ensure that visitors to have a better feel.

Comcast could have looked like the type of company who thought about the buyer by the process. This is their explanation look like bullies in a childhood schoolyard.

Comcast shot themselves from the foot using this move. During the past it did not matter for many years. That they had no competition so they really had not risk. Now however there exists growing competition.

First there is satellite television. These days there are a bigger threat. The neighborhood telephone company offering television. AT&T is providing Uverse and Verizon is offering FiOS within a growing quantity of places. According to various awards they have got received it is very high quality.

What's promising for your customer is the information mill changing to a customer-oriented place, instead of the company oriented place. This means the buyer can vote making use of their feet.

A fantastic customer reputation is key. That is certainly built beyond showing respect for your customer. Comcast instead gives with one hand and removes using the other. They keep ripping open absolutely free themes wound and provide it with the opportunity to heal.

That is where this new brand is necessary. Comcast hopes XFINITY will breath new life within their market worn name. Expect to see them pouring a lot of money into advertising the trouble. Even so do not think it is going to work, not even.

Until they realize they need to fix the problems first, then re-brand, I don't think this new name works. Customers will realize quickly that the name differs, but the troubles are exactly the same. The need for the modern brand will be lost.

We have met with Comcast executives and like them. They seem like nice people. The issue is they do not connect the dots and understand that their work using company so that you can grow, also impacts countless other people, their clients.

They haven't yet explained why they're forcing the buyer to deal with these complications. Why they should upgrade the network. They do not provide the customer the respect they need.

Comcast should understand they need to involve the buyer, not dictate for many years. Particularly when competition is building along with their risk is larger than ever before.

Advice; fix the problems, then change the brand. Explain why this really is necessary. And show respect for your customer base. You have a lot more success with all the effort!

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